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Who we are….

Oya Luxe is named after the most powerful African Goddess (or Orisha - a force of nature - as would be referred to in the original Yoruba/Santeria/Ifa) Oya. A feminine warrior, a protector of women and also a self empowered woman herself. I discovered Oya whilst learning about African religion and spirituality, as a personal interest and her energy just seemed so familiar.

Oya was known to carve her own way, where there wasn’t one (her animal totem is the buffalo). She reminds me of women today as we constantly redefine and reclaim what it truly means to be a woman in today’s society and beyond. She rewrote what it meant to be a woman and bravely followed her heart and revelled in her independence. Oya did not follow the beaten track, she created her own life and is known as the ‘mother of changes’ and transformation (her insect totem is the butterfly), often making lemonade from lemons and seeing the opportunity in change/chaos. Her story is about overcoming and self empowerment.

As I looked around me, I saw so many women, making lemonade from lemons, being the masters of transformation in their own lives. Seeing opportunities where others may only have seen decay and challenge. Women raising families in challenging circumstances and environments, and still fulfilling dreams and ambitions that seem against the odds. And even taking leadership positions in seeking social justice and much needed change. It is inspiring and also heart-wrenching and reminded me of Oya’s stories. And Oshun would much prefer to completely get lost in self and be is a constant state of receiving…sometimes I think they could take a leaf out of each other’s book lol

I want to offer women a breather, and remind them that it’s okay to relax and come back to themselves, after giving so much to others and that we are worth it. Time to reconnect to their hearts and dreams and simply appreciate ourselves. And pour that amazing nurturing powerful energy back into our cup. Oya is also known to be at the eye of the storm; the quiet place of peace within/meditation - as this is where our true power emanates from; that quiet place within, where we receive intuitive messages and our eternal wisdom or connection to the Divine.

The ‘Queendom’ will be okay without you for a little while; the sun will still rise and the earth will still rotate, the angels will still rejoice when you awake…take a break, refill your cup. 

Oya also shows us that to be a woman isn’t always sugar and spice and all things nice, powder pink roses and fluffy pillows - although these comforts are important to wellbeing. Oya actually means ‘she tore’ shows us that being a woman can be sometimes deeply dark, painful, bitter, hard, and tough when it is the only way through. Oya adds layers and dimensions to being a woman that are not defined by men or compared to a man. Her stories tell of her experiencing the full breath of being a woman. 

Some say she wore a mask as she didn’t want her exceptional beauty to get in the way of her endeavours or be sexually objectified. She understood the mind. Oya was all about self development and investing in herself, and is always learning from every experience. Dated many suitors and learned something each time. She didn’t dwell on keeping a man, she was focused on what she could gain from these unique experiences, in a non-material way. She valued excellence - maybe she wanted to perfect herself. Some say she was a mother and even adopted orphans, other stories say she was barren which led her to redefine to herself what it was to be a woman. 


Celebrating Women...

Currently, it seems to me that society feels the need to bring the meaning of ‘what a woman is’ into question, chaos has arrived (Oya might say) and so we have the opportunity to redefine and reaffirm what being woman really means, in our own right. If we do not define us we risk the chance of being put in the box that society feels comfortable to put us in. Oya would fight. She would be clever and she would be precise.

Or maybe she wouldn’t. Maybe she would sit at the eye of the storm. I mean what is there to prove? I am a woman. Period. The question may really be ‘what isn’t a woman’.

More definitions that come to mind, that I've observed:

Women didn't come from the rib of a man!!?? lol

Woman is not man's helper

Women are not submissive 

Women are incredibly adaptable

Women are great problem solvers

Women are sacred to the human race as we bring life to it, and no other being on earth can.

The feminine is intelligent, powerful and wise

Women are scientists

Women are leaders

Women are philosophers

Women are healers

Women are presidents

Women are leaders of religions

Women are more than just two dimensional beings - Mother or Lover. We are multi-dimensional.












At Oya Luxe we believe that in having a deeper general/societal respect for womanhood and women's inherent sacred value to humankind, men and society will in turn honour women and treat them more fairly and with more respect. And their perspective and contribution will be respected.

We also believe that as we respect and honour the feminine, we gain more depth in our respect for mother nature also. And, ultimately we have faith that in honouring our own divine femininity, as men and women, in this male driven patriarchal world, we gain balance within and without.

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