Candle Vessel Refills

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Beeswax Candle Eco-Friendly Vessel Refills

We make candle refills for all of our luxury glass vessels and tealights.

Saving you 50% in cost and making it a completely zero-waste product!

Simply select your scent and then select the re-fill size, in the drop down buttons above.

Click here to see instructions on how to refill your candle in just a couple of steps!!

- Pure Cotton Wick(s)

- We have both natural pure essential oil fragrances and paraben-free high quality scents

- Hand-poured pure locally filtered, ethically sourced, beeswax

- View our complete luxury beeswax candle collection and accessories

Refilling is good for you and good for the planet!

Candle Care & Advice

Always burn candles for 2-4 hours each lighting, to avoid tunnelling and ensure an even burn. Always burn candles safely - see full candle safety advice here.

Benefits Of Beeswax

Beeswax has many benefits. It gives a pure clean burn and the candle flames light spectrum is similar to the Sun's rays! It also is the only candle wax with the ability to purify the air of dust and other pollutants by releasing negative ions! Negative ions have also been proven to improve mood! The Egyptians believed beeswax to be magical and it's widely used in Religious and Spiritual ceremony!

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