Oya Luxe - The Feminine Philosophy & Ethos

Oya Luxe is rooted in a passion for natural handmade candles, a deep appreciation for natural remedies, alternative holistic healing, and the healing power of femininity.

A major driver behind the brand is feminity. As a concept and philosophy for spiritual growth and self-care. Our philosophy is, that through femininity, we grow spiritually, heal physically and live more successful lives. We encourage women to relax and reconnect to and thrive through their femininity!

We are an eco-friendly, earth-friendly, and animal-friendly company. The earth is our mother, she is feminine, so at Oya Luxe honouring and respecting her is paramount. We are committed to using all-natural unprocessed products, reducing waste and carbon footprint, and essentially avoiding any negative impact on the environment. And, all our glass candles are refillable, making them zero-waste products. Also, a tree is planted each time a candle is purchased from our Rose Gold Tin Candle Collection.

Also, we use 100% pure beeswax that is ethically sourced from local suppliers. And by purchasing beeswax locally we support small businesses and apiaries. Beekeepers do an incredible job of taking care of our sacred bees, though every season, year on year which is imperative to the health and quality of life of bees and in turn promoting healthy bio-diversity and protecting wildlife. Beeswax is a very eco-friendly wax and has the lowest impact on the environment, especially in comparison to Soy which is the major cause of deforestation which is killing nature and pollinators like bees. In fact, by using Beeswax, we are recycling and creating zero waste for apiaries. For these reasons we use Beeswax to make our candles, not to mention it is also 100% unprocessed and 100% naturally occurring sustainable and renewable product, and it smells like honey!